As 5G wireless technology is slowly making its way across the globe, many government organizations  advise that  there  is no reason to  be alarmed about the effects of radiofrequency waves on our health. Yet some experts strongly disagree.


5G technology refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology. With promises of faster browsing, streaming,and download speeds, as well as better connectivity, 5G may seem like a natural evolution for our increasingly tech-reliant society.

Generally the wireless networks are composed of cell sites divided into sectors that send data through radio waves. Fourth-generation (4G) Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology provides the foundation for 5G. Unlike 4G, which requires large,high-power cell towers to radiate signals over longer distances, 5G wireless signals will be transmitted via large numbers of small cell stations located in places like light poles or building roofs.

Ever since companies started the rollout of 5G,the public reception towards it was not ideal. There were many allegations that came in 5G’s way, some even stating that a 5G network test caused the death of hundreds of birds in the Netherlands.



Furthermore, over 215 scientists from 40 different countries have appealed to the United Nations for urgent action to reduce the EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure emitting from wireless sources.These scientists also submitted a letter to the FCC, asking the body to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5thgeneration wireless infrastructure.

So do you believe that 5G may great harm our health...?


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