In the near future the genetic switch will be use to remove our unhappiest memory of our life. Neuroplastin a particular  gene will  work as a genetic switch to erase the unpleasant memories.
Genetic Switch to erase Unpleasant Memories

Unpleasant memories can be erased by switching off a particular gene, a new research in mice has found. Dementia, accidents or traumatic events can make us lose the memories formed before the injury or the onset of disease. Scientists from KUL euven in Belgium and Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Germany have now shown that some memories can also be erased when one particular gene is switched off.

Different Parts of The Brain and Their Functions.

Researchers trained mice that had been genetically modified in one single gene named neuroplastin.This gene, which is investigated by only a few groups in the world, is very important for brain plasticity. When scientists switched off the neuroplastin gene after conditioning, the mice were no longer able to perform the task properly. The researchers also said that this research program will go ahead further on human brains and this will help to cure many neurotic diseases in the near future. The researches were published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.


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