No drinks in this world healthier than fresh water and alternative to water. We’d  like to  provide you  with now,  however,  are a  list of some  potable  alternatives  to water  that  contains  healthy  components  regular water does not.
A woman drinking water

No drinks in this world healthier than fresh water and alternative to water. Water itself is the ultimate drink, and there are many hydration hacks that involve tweaking water ever so slightly. What we’d like to provide you with now, however, are a list of some potable alternatives to water that contains healthy components regular water does not. While there is no fountain of youth-type drink in the following list,each entry contains more health-promoting things such as antioxidants and amino acids that aren’t found in water alone. While adding a (clean) lemon to your water is a great health tip, the following beverages benefit from having a bit more flavor than that provided by a squeeze or two of citrus. From probiotics to vitamins and minerals typically excluded from the standard American diet,the healthy components in the following drinks make them, to some extent, “healthier” than water.

1. Citrus Fruits Juice

1. Citrus Fruits Juice A woman drinking citrus fruit juice

All citrus fruits contain lots of electrolytes, so basically they are your best friend. It doesn’t matter which citrus fruit you choose to add to water, you’ll end up pleasantly hydrated. The best low-calorie option is the lemon (and lime), orange and then's the grapefruit.

You can also add in one bottle all types of citrus fruit juices you have at hand. If you’re ok with more calories in a drink, the healthiest option is to add half spoon of honey. It is also packed with a variety of minerals and also,since its simple little sugars, it helps the cortisol levels regulate. As we know, during heavy exercising, the body’s cortisol levels spike, which means,the body is in a state of stress. This is why sugar is actually extremely potent against the damaging effects of cortisol.

Don’t forget the all-important salt.Here you have a lot of choices; you can add Celtic salt, Himalaya salt, etc.These contain various amounts of minerals, which is why you need salt as well.The empty table salt is out of the question, since it’s highly processed and devoid of all nutrients. Sea salt, though, is a very good option.

2. Aloe Water

2. Aloe Water A woman drinking Aloe Water (Aloe Vera juice)

Aloe Vera juice contains leaf pulp that's rich in natural nutrients and fiber. This well-known herbal remedy for the skin also has many benefits for internal healing, cleansing and repair when ingested as a nutritional drink.Aloe water, a filtered version of aloe juice, has recently achieved a super food-like drink status. Aloe, considered to be the plant of immortality by the ancient Egyptians, is packed with antioxidants and is known to have potent regenerative properties. Aloe water is a great detoxifying agent for the gut, and it helps stimulate cell growth and repair wounds. Like coconut water, it can be of immense benefit when used internally or externally and is widely used for health and beauty purposes.

3. Ginger drink

3. Ginger drink A woman is drinking ginger tea

“Everything good is found in ginger,”states an old Indian proverb. That’s why Ayurveda often refers to ginger as a universal medicine. Another very good hydration drink is the ginger drink. Boil several rings of ginger root, for 15 minutes, and when the liquid has cooled down, add stevia (or some other favorite and healthy sweetener) and sea salt, Celtic or Himalaya salt. Tea made from ginger has high levels of vitamin C and amino acids, as well as various trace elements such as calcium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, and many others. Ginger is not only helping the re-hydration process, but also helps ease the muscle pain, and speeds up the recovery after strenuous workout.

4. Beet Juice

4. Beet Juice A woman is drinking Beet Juice

We know, beets have been dubbed nature’s candy.This vegetable, however sweet it may be, is still incredibly beneficial. We have many reasons why you should consume beets (and many ways in which you can do so), and companies like Beet Performer, pūrjus, and Red Ace make ready-to-drink beet juices that can provide you with some of the cleanest natural energy you’ll ever have. Beware of the sugar, but bask in beets’ potassium, B vitamins,carotenoids, magnesium, and iron.

Again beetroot juice is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and naturally occurring nitrates. Nitrates are compounds which improve blood flow throughout the body – including the brain,heart, and muscles.


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