Zika virus has a great impact on pregnant women. Woman infected with Zika can  birth a  child  having  microcephaly  that  is  children  born with abnormally small heads.

Now ‘Zika’ is the name of a great threat to the people all over the world. Zika is a kind of virus cause the disease microcephaly, transmitted by the Ades mosquito. Pregnant women are mostly affected by Zika virus.

Zika infected woman and child.

Woman infected with Zika can birth a child having microcephaly that is children born with abnormally small heads, the major sign of the birth defect.

Zika virus structure

Still there is no medicine or vaccines have invented to cure from Zika virus.  So it’s very important for pregnant women to know about Zika virus and pregnancy. We have to know about Zika virus to leave away it. Here is some important information about Zika and its effect on pregnancy. At last follow the steps to protect pregnant women from Zika virus.

How Zika Spreads

How Zika Spreads Zika virus spreads through sex, pregnancy or blood transfusions.

Zika virus can be spread or transmitted to men or women through the following ways :

  • Zika can be transmitted from men and women to their sexual partners; most known cases involve transmission from symptomatic men to women.
  • The virus can spread by vertical (or "mother-to-child") transmission, during pregnancy or at delivery.
  • Zika can also be transmitted through blood transfusions . (As of April 2016, two cases of Zika transmission through blood transfusions have been reported globally, both from Brazil.)

Transmission of Zika in pregnant woman

Transmission of Zika in pregnant woman

A pregnant woman can infected through bites from Zika infected Ades mosquito or any kind of unprotected sex with someone who is infected with the virus.


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