Fast  foods  may   the  next  target  for  health  activist  after  they  have established smoking as dangerous for health. The South Indian state of Kerala  is the  first in Asia  to take  that step as it includes a “Fat Tax” on people  with unhealthy hunger.
The ' Fat Tax ', a way to discourage people to eat fatty foods like fried chicken, pizza, burger and energy drinks.

Although, the phrase ‘Fat Tax’ is to be seems very funny, actually it’s a strong protest against the unhealthy fast foods and fried fatty foods. Including an extra high tax on oily junk foods and beverages may help slow the rising rates of obesity and overweight according to a new study published in the British Medical Journal. Previous studies suggest that the sharp tax increase on cigarettes in 2009 has contributed to the dramatic decrease in the number of smokers in the U.S. And it's expected a ‘fat tax’ tax would work the same way.

Oily junk foods look like the next target for health activist after they have established smoking as dangerous for health. The South Indian state of Kerala is the first in Asia to take that foot step as it include a “fat tax” on people with unhealthy hunger. The obesity tax has been exploited basically on American fast food items. As each time one takes a bite on fried chicken, pizza, burger or oily snacks will be reminded that there is about 14.5 percent extra tax will have to pay for taking those unhealthy items.

The hard step is because Kerala has the most number of fat children and India has over 21million obese women, who huff and puff in kitchens and mall across the country.Also a large number of children in India are suffering from malnutrition and under weight.

A Keralan family in a McDonald resturant is eating unhealthy Fast foods.

The world's biggest fast food chain McDonald's, has only seven restaurants in Kerala and ‘Burger King’ just launched its first outlet in Kochi a few weeks ago.

However, Kerala is not the first state in the world to impose a “fat tax”. Modern European country like Finland, Hungry and France also took step for unhealthy foods. Hungry had started imposing tax on soft drinks, salty snacks and energy drinks few years ago. Finland taxes candy, chocolate and ice cream. France is already taxing on beverages with added sugar and artificial sweeteners and European Union has found that increasing taxes is an effective way to cut consumption of unhealthy foods.

"This is more of a preventive measure as Kerala's food habits are changing dramatically. People are eating a lot of junk food and rejecting traditional food," says Finance Minister Thomas Isaac.

In India, Bihar is said to be planning to tax ‘samosa’, a spice food, deep-fried, potato-stuffed patty,the comfort food that is popular during tea time and during rainy season when people tend to turn romantic and reach for a ‘samosa’.

While fat tax may be an effective way to cut down the growth of obesity rates in Europe, may not success in India and particularly in the state of Kerala where everyone has grown attached to their cuisine, specially to a dish called ‘beef fry ‘. It’s also very customary for friends who return from their vacations from Kerala to bring back bags of banana chips and jack fruit fried in coconut oil. Fat tax is supposed to be a healthy alternative to fried snacks and savories that Indians much on and which pack artery-busting cholesterol.


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