‘Losing weight’ is a very hot topic  for the  modern world  people. Every men and women in this era want to become slim and fit for the next. Some herbs and foods can help you in this regard.

‘Losing weight’ is a very popular topic for the modern world men and women. Every men and women in this era want to become slim and fit for the future life. Now you can lose weight by changing your food habit, without doing any exercise. God has given us some natural remedies for reducing body fat. Here we will discuss about some natural foods and herbs that will act as weight lose aid and will grow our stamina. At the end you must follow our instruction to lose your weight or slimming process.

Foods and Herbs for weight loss.

Foods for weight loss

In this section we will discuss about foods and food habits which will help you a lot in your weight loss and slimming process.

(1) Fresh Vegetables Salad

(1) Fresh Vegetables Salad Fresh vegetables salad

Eat low calories salad before intake the main meal daily to lose your weight. Eat salad with the vegetables item but never fatty dressing. You can mixed little olive oil and balsamic vinegar with salads.

(2) Grapes

(2) Grapes Fresh Grapes

Grapes works like magic for weight loss. Phytochemicals in grapes decree the level of insulin in the body and reduce calories. As a result fat does not accumulate in the body. Drink grapes juice three times throughout the day to reduce weight.

(3) Dark Chocolate

(3) Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate

There are some kinds of flavanols and fibers exist in the dark chocolate, the sweet treat has been found to help lower blood sugar and also decrease body fat according to the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. “Flavanols are plant-based nutrients and are more prevalent in dark chocolate than in milk chocolate,” explains Carrillo. Eat35-50 grams of dark chocolate after five minutes of lunch or as snacks everyday.

(4) Eat Salmon and Sea Fishes

(4) Eat Salmon and Sea Fishes Farmed Salmon fillet

Eat salmon or sea fishes for lunch.Salmon and sea fishes are excellent foods for many nutrients which tend to build your muscle tone. Replacing fatty red meats and processed foods with this slant protein will reduce calorie intake and help you to lose weight.

(5) Chili peppers (red chili)

(5) Chili peppers (red chili) kashmiri red chili

Red chili is very good for losing weight. Capsaicin in red chilies reduces your appetite. So take some chili peppers with your breakfast.


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