The new Smart phone app 'Ada' will assist people to use their smart phone to diagnose health problems. It was first released in New Zealand.

A group IT specialist and hundreds of doctors from worldwide have recently developed a new app for smart phones that will help people to diagnose their diseases and medication of the problems.

The new app called Ada will assist people to use their smart phone to diagnose their health problems. Ada was first launched in New Zealand last month and Kiwis are the first in the world get entrance to the app. Ada is free for Apple devices and was released after few years of clinical studies and feed from more than 100 doctors. This app will be released for other smart phone bands means android version very shortly.


New smart phone app 'Ada' works as doctor


The app works by asking you a series of questions on your health problems you're experiencing and then gives a likely diagnosis. Ada then records each diagnosis and it gets smarter as it learns more about you and other users in your demographic.

"Effectively,the software gets better for everyone as more people use it because it is continuously learning and improving," said Ada chief executive Daniel Nathrath. "This is on the cusp of artificial intelligence."

Mr. Nathrath said the app knows more than 10,000 symptoms and diseases which makes it more knowledgeable than doctors.

"For example, a doctor can generally recognize just four types of dizziness.But Ada knows dozens of different types of dizziness,with minute differences between them. These differences may be little but they can be hugely significant when it comes to correctly attributing a diagnosis."

Even, Ada often reminds users that it's not designed to replace a visit to the physician. Still, doctors are impressed.

The company’s strategy is to make money from the "Talk to a doctor" feature on the app. This function is not yet available in New Zealand but it will be in Europe when it releases there. That function will allow you to get medical advice from real doctors via video conference.


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