Black heads and white heads are great problems for both men and women in summer and rainy  season. We  can remove  black heads by using natural packs and taking healthy foods.

Naturally skin of our face becomes dull in the sun and rain. In the summer and rain the brightness and fairness of our skin become less. Besides black heads and white heads are great problems for both men and women in these seasons. The glamour of your skin hamper by this tiny problems.

Pimples on the face of a young woman.

Why's this problem?

Most of us have been facing this problem more or less. Beauty experts say white heads mainly a kind of pimple on which no drape.Those pimples become black by the contact of different outside germs or dust. Those black pimples we called black heads or acne. A kind of oxidizer processes it.This problem affects all age’s people. Generally teenager to old ages people having this problem. Many hormonal changes take place at the teenage age and skin become soft. So people of those age’s facing black heads problem.

Black Heads problem for a young woman.

How can we remove Black Heads?

Dermatologist Prof. Dr.  M.U. Kabir says, “Way to cure white heads and black heads is cleaning the skin and there is no other options.” “Because the dead cells gathered in the skin pores and blocked it. Beside dust and different germs and depression plays role to grow pimples on our skin.” Come back to home from outside or office our first duty to wash our face with normal water. It’s better if we use ice cold water to wash our face. At first white heads appear on nose and upper side of the mouth. Most of us don’t take any care to it and reversely heads spared allover the face. Sometime black heads create spot on the skin permanently. We have to resist black heads at the first time. We have to take care our skin right way to cure white heads or black heads. We can use some homemade pack to cure heads.

Use adequite water and face packs to remove Black Heads.

Different Kind of Packs to Remove Black Heads

* 1tsp corn flour, ½ tsp vinegar, ½ tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and ¼ tsp sugar and mixed them to make the pack. It’s very helpful for oily skin.

*  2tsp white part of the egg yolk, 4 tsp sandalwood grind, 1 tsp lemon juice and mixed them well to make pack.

Use this pack at least 2 days in the week. Massage well around the nose and mouth before using the pack. It will work as scarab. You have to scarab at least 2 days in the week.You can scarab mixing lemon juice with face wash.

Careful about using makeup

It’s better to use light makeup. Heavy makeup will affect your skin. After using cosmetics you have to clean the face very well. There are different kinds of kits to pull off makeup in the market. You will use different towel or a piece of cloth to clean the face.

Eat fresh and oil free foods.

Eat oil free food

Avoid oil free food as you can. Take a lot of vegetable and fresh fruits and sea fishes. Drink at least 2-3 litter fresh water. As a result oil in the skin becomes less and heads problem also become less.


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