Practice  these  Habits to Reduce  Unwanted  Wrinkles on  Your  Skin !
Healthy habits to Reduce Unwanted Wrinkles on Your Skin!

For women wrinkles are the most unpleasant and unwelcome signs of aging. They are the result of decreasing collagen levels (Collagen – a protein that strengthens the cells which is important to maintain youthful skin), which causes your skin to lose elasticity.

Many women as well as men believe that aging skin is inevitable, but with the information and technologies we have today, you really can look as young as you feel," says Robin Ashinoff, MD, a dermatologist at the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

So, what can we do to Reduce Wrinkles?

1. Avoid sun: Don’t get us wrong, although sun is necessary to get vitamin D. But In a study it has been found that it is the number one cause of wrinkles. And people who limits their exposure to sun comparatively has less wrinkles. Try to wear white or light colors. Also, avoid using tanning booths.

2. Quit Smoking: cigarette smoke release an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin.So, quit smoking as soon as possible.

3. Get enough sleep: Sleeping is the time when your body grows and repair itself. Body releases a hormone called Human Growth hormone that is responsible for a healthy growth of all tissue, including your skin. If you could not get enough sleep, your body will release another hormone, cortisol, that slows down growth and renewal of cells, which will results in a drier and wrinkled skin.

4.Drink Plenty of water: Drink plenty of water as wrinkles are also the result of dehydrated lose skin. Also add more juicy fruits and natural drinks to your diet.

5. Reduce stress: Stress is another reason for premature aging and early appearance of wrinkles. Although it is not easy to get control over one’s stress but you can try doing some yoga or breathing exercise to control it.

6. Diet rich in Antioxidant: Free radicals damage the cell’s membrane. Collagen production slows down.Antioxidants not only prevent damage from free radicals, but can also help reverse damage. A diet rich in antioxidants is very essential for a healthy,smooth and wrinkle-free skin. So, keep fruits and vegetables that contain high antioxidant. Such as, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Purple, Red, and Blue Grapes, Nuts, Dark Green Veggies, Sweet Potatoes and Orange Vegetables,several  beverages that contain antioxidant are tea, cocoa, coffee etc.

8. Massage – Massaging brings blood to the surface, enhance circulation. Massaging your face with a good oil, like coconut, olive or almond help you greatly to reduce wrinkles.

9. Apply From the Outside: There is growing number of health and beauty products available who claims to improve and nourish your skin. Many of these contain the same wrinkle-fighting nutrients which are found in food, which are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration.You can also try using those products or supplements.


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